UDS A LED (External)

12,500.00 11,556.00

Automatic degenerative feedback, constant power output, and more comfortable scaling; Detachable handpiece with light; Funtions: Scaling, Perio, Endo



• Optical Handpiece
• General, Perio and Endo Mode
• Automatic Frequency Tracking
• Detachable Handpiece
• Handpiece Can be Autoclaved at 135 degree and .22MPa
• Digitally Controlled, Easy Operation, More efficient for scaling


Technical Details

• Power input-220 – 240V-50Hz/60Hz
• Main unit input-24V-1.3A
• Output power-3W-20W
• Frequency-28kHz ± 3kHz
• Water pressure-0.1bar-5bar(0.01MPa-0.5MPa)
• Main unit weight-0.64kg
• Adapter weight-1.2kg
• Dimensions-196mm×134mm×80mm





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