Tanda 23L

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B class autoclave is a complete advancement in terms of technology in sterilization. B class helps in the resolution of two important problems in sterilization which are improper steam penetration and lack of proper drying. The technology of using fractionated vaccuum technology along with post sterilization vacuum helps in ensuring a complete steam penetration and completely dry instruments.
Also in the current scenario specialized programs in the autoclave helps in sterilization and elimination of current pathogenic viruses and even those expected in future.



In accordance with the requirements of European Class B
• ISO & CE Certified
• Temperature Cycles – 121°C & 134°C
• Optimized Sterilization Speed
• Door Locking Safety Switch
• Precise – Real Time Pressure
• Precise – Real Time Temperature
• Negative Pressure Display
• Customised Cycle
• New Mounted on Water Tank Design
• Maintenance Free Steam Generator
• All Metal Vacuum Pump
• Easy Operation Interface
Water Quality Sensor ”

Technical Details

SterilizationClass CLASSB
Programs: Wrapped ,Unwrapped ,Porous
SpecialProgram HIV, HBVDry System Vacuum Dying System
Display High-light LCDDisplay
Temperature: 0.1℃; Pressure: 0.001bar
Water Supply Build-in Water Tank easy to clean capacity : 4L
TrayRack 5 Layers Tray Holder with 3 Trays
Chamber Medical Stainless Steel 304; Working Pressure: -0.9bar ~ 2.3bar; Max. Temperature: 145℃Noise <50db
Water consumption in one cycle 0.16L-0.18L
Chamber volume: 23L(Φ245×450mm)External Dimensions
23 litres
Depth : 26 inches or 2.5ft or 66cm
Width : 15 inches or 1.5ft or 38cm
Height: 18 inches or 1.7ft or 46cm


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