Shubh Package

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 Dental Chair

o Made in India Dental Chair
o Comes with Powerful Moterised Suction, Inbuilt Scaler, Inbuilt Micromotor And Lightcure
o Ergonomic chair for the accommodation of the patient during the dental treatment, with electric movements.
o Latest design with numerous new features
o Bi-articulated Headrest
o It has a multifunctional foot pedal with movement of the backrest, chair up-down, airotor and micro motor control.
o Structure & base built in solid Iron with ergonomic design.
o Perfect stability, it does not need to be fixed to the floor.
o Wide upholstery with raised lumbar support, mounted on a rigid structure covered with laminated material, seamless.
o Quality Standards maintained with Warranty (2+1)
o Available in both right and left hand operations

 Delivery Unit

o Comes with 5 terminals
 1 three way syringe.
 1 micromotor point.
 2 airotor points.
 1 empty terminal
o Great durability / corrosion resistance and color stability to the set.
o Broad working tray
o Comes with 2 memory programmes.
o 2 Preset Programmes.
o X-Ray viewer for easy visualization of radiographic exams.


o Assistant side control for backrest, chair up-down and tumbler spittoon.
o Inbuilt dental curing light
o Inbuilt ultrasonic scaler
o Produced in high quality fibre with ceramic spittoon & tumbler which is programmable.
o Movable spittoon box for better assistant support
o Water from hand pieces and triple syringe.
o Pneumatic suction holder with high & low vacuum suction.


o Sensor based LED light
o Intensity: 15,000 to 25,000 LUX (tolerance +/- 20%)
o Comes with various intensity
o Lower energy consumption, consumes up to 95% less electrical energy than conventional models.

 Doctor Stool
o Zero Back Ache Doctors Stool with 5 castors back and Front and Up down Movements

Technical Details:

  • Length- 6 Ft
  • Width- 3.5 Ft
  • Height- 7 Ft
  • Weight- 180 Kg
  • Power- 220 Volt
  • Frequency- 50-60 Hz
  • Lifting Capacity- 180 Kg
  • Distributed load Input Power- 200 VA


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