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Handpiece Lubricater- increase your handpiece Life , save lubricant and providing better lubricating



Designed to save time and lubricant. Important auxiliary in the internal cleaning of the rotary instruments, indispensable factor to favor its sterilization
. It is estimated that 1,000 ml of lubricant serves about 500 lubrications of 3 hand pieces per cycle. Unquestionable cost-benefit for clinics with high instrument turnover.

• Very simple panel allows the operation and regulation of the lubrication of the tips individually or all simultaneously.
• Allows short, medium or intense lubrication, individually or not, as necessary.
Connection with adjustable angulation, injects lubricant where the traditional spray does not reach.
• Intra connection for contra angle and straight tip and borden connections for low and high rotation.
• 350 ml tank with front visor for monitoring the lubricant level.
• Filter of the compressed air network in the back, with manual drain for condensates.
• Operates with adjustable working pressure up to 80 PSI, compatible with the type of tip to be lubricated.

Technical Description

2. Rated Voltage: AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz
3. Fuse(220V/240V:F1A ~250V)
4. Air Pressure: 0.35~0.60Mpa (3.5~6.0kgf/cm2) (50~80psi)
5. Capacity of Oil Container: 350mL
6. Weight: 8 kg


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