Durr VS 250

75,000.00 70,000.00

A successful Durr Dental suction technology: For the first time it combined in one unit the suction machine and the automatic separation process.
Vacum generation and the simultaneous separation of the mixture of secretions and solids are both carried out on the robust drive shaft. This technology made a name as “Two-in-one”. The integrated water pump draws off the fluid continuously. And the VS 250 manages even large amounts of fluids without difficulty.




• Removing spray mist to prevent infection
• Robust VS technology with automatic separator
• Two-stage separation technique that separates solid from liquid
• High suction performance within seconds

Technical Details

• Voltage (V) 230 (1~)
• Frequency (Hz)-50
• Vacuum mbar (hPa)-90 at 250 l/min
• No. of treatment chairs-1
• Dimensions (HxWxD, cm)-32 x 28 x 28
• Weight (kg)-13
• Noise level[dB(A)]-64





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