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Offering a better experience for both dentists & patients.
For dentists: convenient implant placement, strong initial stability, excellent soft & hard tissue response, & shorter overall treatment time.
For patients: minimally invasive surgery with less pain, shorter healing time, & better esthetic results.

Simplified surgical protocol with predictable initial stability
Fixture design allows easier drilling in any bone density, while ensuring high initial stability

Key Advantages

  • AnyOne® implant system T.O.P concept
  • Predictable initial stability with variety of fixture designs & simplified drilling protocol
  • Compatible & single platform prosthetics (11° internal hex connection)



TOP Design Concept

Tissue friendly

  • Enhanced surface treatment – Xpeed
  • Better crestal bone response due to stress reduction design
  • Better cancellous bone response due to evenly distribute stress
  • Better soft tissue response thanks to the bio-friendly S-Line shape

Operator friendly

  • Simplified surgical protocol giving predictable initial stability
  • Simplified & compatible, single platform prosthetics (11° Internal Hex Connection)
  • Shortened healing times with fast osseointegration

Patient friendly

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Shorter recovery and treatment time
  • Enhanced esthetic results
Variety of Fixture Designs guarantee predictable initial stability

For Hard Bone
Easy and Simple placement
for all cases.

∅3.5, ∅4.0, ∅4.5, ∅5.0, ∅6.0, ∅7.0

For Soft Bone
New design with extended thread gives substantially stronger initial stability for soft bone application.

∅4.5, ∅5.5, ∅6.5, ∅7.5, ∅8.0

For Irregular Ridge
This ‘Special 7mm’ fixture can be used for non-uniform bone loss case with limited available vertical dimension.

∅4.5, ∅5.0, ∅6.0, ∅7.0

KnifeThread ®

Thanks to MegaGen’s unique KnifeThread® and super self-tapping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone situation. The design enables bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance, and minimized shear force production.1

+ Discover more about KnifeThread®

– Strong
– Faster
– Safer

To promote secondary stability, all AnyOne® implants have a special extra surface coating called Xpeed. This unique hydro-thermal incorporation of calcium ions has already been proven to activate osteoblasts and accelerate osseointegration, essential for secondary stability.2,3,4,5
Plus, Xpeed provides an important quality check to avoid any acid residue (BLUE means NO acid residue!)

Discover more about Xpeed®

Simplified surgical protocol for predictable initial stability

Simplified drilling sequence guide places AnyOne fixtures 0.5mm subcrestally for optimum initial stability.

Drilling sequence guide

Compatible & Single platform prosthetics

The prosthesis procedure is simplified with Single prosthetic connection with single platform diameter and 11 ° internal hex connection for all fixture sizes.
Thanks to the 11 ° single prosthetic connection, you can choose any suitable prosthetic option in any clinical condition.

Biologic S-line

Better peri-implant biotype & better emergence profile are ensured due to double offset structure, incorporating thread-less collar on fixture & S-line cuff design for prosthetics6,7

Also, AnyOne Abutments have a sloped shoulder margin making them ideal for CAD/CAM zirconia prosthetics.



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