About Us

Chesa Dental Care

Chesa has over 28 years of experience in the Indian Dental Market. It came in to being from the vision of two Dentists, Dr. Vijay and Dr. Anju to provide quality products at an affordable price to their peers and colleagues. Today, Chesa operates with a strength of over 150 employees on field, 100 in administration and manufacturing. Chesa also has one of the widest distribution channel with 120 distributors, giving Chesa a strength of almost 350 people working towards on a common goal.

Our Motto

  • Customer is KING
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Embrace collaboration with Innovation
  • Synchronize with harmony
  • Accountability
1,40,000 Customers
28 Years Experience
120 Distributors
18% Relevant Market Share


Dr Vijay Lilaramani


Dr Anju Lilaramani



Chesa aims to be one of the most innovative and reliable Indian Dental chair manufacturers and the largest collaborative, distribution company with the most progressive products, software solutions and supply chain processes backed by strong data analytics and intelligent systems to be able to enhance the level of care provided from the Dentist to the patient while improving profitability and reducing costs so as to benefit all stakeholders involved.

Core Verticals


Agenda: To be able to provide sturdy, aesthetic and affordable Dental chairs to the Indian and global Dentist

  • Experience: 22 Years
  • Infrastructure: 4 Plants
  • Area: 30,000 Sq Ft (Apx)
  • Manpower: 55 Pax
  • Core Product: Dental Chairs
  • Current: 100 Dental Chairs
  • Potential: 500 Dental Chairs*


Agenda: To be a ‘One-Stop Solution’ for our customer by aggregating and providing a wholistic range of world class products.

  • Experience: 27 Years
  • Associations: 10 MNCs
  • Sales & Service: 160 Pax
  • Admin & Backend: 100 Pax
  • Distributors: 100+ PAN India
  • Trading Joint Ventures: 1
  • Pipeline Joint Ventures: 2


Agenda: To reach out to the Dental community with the best and latest advancements in the field of Dentistry in terms of treatments, diagnostics, instrumentation, consumables and equipments. To support the Dentist and enhance his knowledge such that he can be a more informed practitioner and buyer. This is carried out under the brand name of ‘Chesa Academy’

  • Experience: 1 Year
  • Members: 5000+


Agenda: To leverage the advantage of trading to source the best Diagnostic equipment & Empower Dentists with the best quality of tech-enabled Dental diagnostics PAN India under the brand name Vi-Scan Diagnostics’. Eventually expand to neighbouring countries with a similar, scalable, profitable, quality driven model.

  • Experience: 3 Years
  • Centers: 21 (16 Active via Vi-Scan)
  • Manpower: 40 Pax

Our History